Friday, July 29, 2011

the garden

The garden is erupting with squash, cucumbers & tomatoes! Onions, melons, pumpkins, peppers, carrots & potatoes are coming along nicely too.

I'm amazed at....

how much things changed in 3 weeks!
I last posted pics on July 4 & these were taken this past Tuesday.
(see the difference here


how many seeds one vegetable contains!


how many vegetables come from a single seed! 


the ability I now have to make an entire salad using only produce picked from the garden!
 - including the lettuce :)


 how very much we enjoy gardening! 
Who knew it would be this much fun?! 


 how quickly these buggers proliferate and devour potato plants!! ARGH! 

& ...

 I'm continually amazed at 

 the sheer beauty we find each and every time we visit the farm. 

I love this place. 



 I can hardly wait for the sunflowers (my favorite!) to burst into bloom. 
Should be any day now :)

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