Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When did this happen?!

Strike's first day of high school

She looks SO grown up to me here
-but -
that turtle hanging from her backpack is a flashdrive  
 and the eyes bulge out if you squeeze that pig-pen peaking out of the pocket  :)
  -- both serve as sweet reminders me that she will always be my little girl. 

Playmaker's first day of kindergarten

 Playmaker's first day of high school
Sissy "woke up" to say goodbye 

That was then
 This is now...

Strike's first day of high school

Big sis went the extra mile and got out of bed to say good-bye!
(well - it mighta had something to do w/ the fact that she had an early piano lesson here at the house...otherwise the two before and after pics would likely be more similar ... except Big Sis would've been the one still in bed and squinting thru' sleepy eyes ;) 

Where has the time gone?! When did this happen?! 


Yiota said...

I guess it all happened when you weren't looking! (ha, ha!)
I'm sure you were always present raising them to become the great people they are. Strike (by the way, her name appears in the post) is still your little girl. I know this when I recall the e-mails from Haiti.
Happy School Year to her! My son starts school on the 12th - first grade! "When did this happen?" ;)

PS. What's the book you're reading about?

warriormom said...

Yikes!! Beautiful girls - inside and out. Best wishes for new beginnings and praying for them both throughout the new school year.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Yiota. Thanks. - 1st Grade?! ... Whatta FUN age :) -- Actually I need to update my sidebar...I finished that book a while ago. You can click the pic in my sidebar to link to a description of it. Your interest will give me a good excuse to leave it up a bit longer. Remember "Scattering Lupine's"?...she recommended the trilogy ("Mark of the Lion" is the series/trilogy name) to me. I've read the first and second (the one on the sidebar is the 2nd) but not the third. I really liked the first two tho'. The stories take place during ancient Roman times.

Hi warriormom. Thank you - so much. Strike seems to be off to a good start. Enjoyed her first day. Likes her teachers.