Saturday, September 17, 2011

Can you guess where we're going to church tomorrow?

Tomorrow we're going to church 

but, LORD willing 

we won't be...

- dressed in our Sunday best - (we'll be bundled up - but I may take my shoes off for a bit)

sitting in pews - (but rather on something much softer)

- listening to special music (well - no - I take that back ... we will be listening to VeRy special/beautiful/soothing for the soul music)

- "taking" communion (but I have no doubt we will be enjoying communion with God...assuming we're not late!) 

- singing (but we will be worshiping!)

-  meeting and greeting those sitting around us (there won't likely be anyone else there!) or placing our offering in a plate (but we will be looking for someone somewhere that we can bless somehow)

-  we won't be in a box (building) because God doesn't fit in a box and -  quite frankly - often times it's easier and much less distracting to worship and commune with Him in His element(s) 

-  listening to a long sermon (but I have a feeling we won't want it to end!) 

Can you guess where we're going to church tomorrow? 


warriormom said...

We'll miss worshiping with you. I keep waiting for Playmaker to share her talents with Praiseband. Have a great day!

warriormom said...

I forgot to guess! From your clues,...I'm thinking sunrise at the beach??

MyStory of HiStory said...

Yes indeed! You guessed it! :)

Sonshine said...

Love it!