Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recent Snapshots

Spokes came home for Memorial Day Weekend. 
Here we are hitting balls at the school down the road.

First bike ride of the season on a local rail trail. 16 miles round trip w/ a stop halfway for ice cream :)

It's that time of year again....I'm enjoying hanging laundry out on the line.

An orchid my daughter's boyfriend gave her a while back. We've not had much success with them in the past but this one is doing beautifully :)
 So pretty. 

A sweet shot I snapped as I was "spying" on 
my daughter while she was journaling recently. 

This kid who goes to school w/ Strike and played on the boys baseball team is such an inspiration! 
 I need to tell him that. This was at the end of the season when the girls' softball team and boys' baseball team played the faculty. He did a fantastic job at first base too! Just amazing ... & f-u-n-n-y!! Has a terrific sense of humor and a great attitude. I gather he's a a good student too! Just amazing. 

I love this pic of flowers my husband stopped along the road to pick for me on a recent road-trip to Vermont. I want to have it framed. 

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troutbirder said...

I especially like the idea of a midpoint ice cream stop on the bike trail. :)