Tuesday, June 21, 2011

25 years ago today

... I married my best friend - and so at just barely 18yrs old & amp; smack out of highschool,  what began as "happy" ... is fast becoming happily ever after :) 

We have so much to celebrate and so we've given ourselves the whole year to do it! 

We've been having great fun celebrating since January with plans to continue thru' to December  - but this morning I was a bit taken back...weepy actually --  in part because we woke to find this sweet card that Strike made on the kitchen counter...

- but also because even tho' 25 years is a long time
it's all just going too fast -
and no matter how much time we have together
 as far as I'm concerned ...
it will never ever be enough.

This beautiful bouquet (an anniversary gift)  arrived at our door yesterday. What FUN! -  and we thoroughly enjoyed it ... for dinner! 
 It was perfect for the warm day that it was 
and we were kinda in a rush -
 & I didn't feel like cooking anyway :) 
Thank you so very much, Mom & Alvi!! 

And,  low & behold,  a bit later dessert arrived!! 
-   a surprise (that was the ingredient that made it super special) strawberry rhubarb pie 
from dear friends
 - handmade with love ... 
the "secret" ingredient they include in 
so much of what they share ;) 

We're actually saving it for tonight...well -  trying to
 - but it takes some serious willpower.
Only time will tell how successful the girls & I are at saving it 'til Daddy gets home. 
Hmmm - do you think I could get away with substituting this for dinner tonight like we did with our fruit bouquet last night?....after all, it IS our 25th Wedding Anniversary ... 
so perhaps it's high time we started eating dessert first!  ;) 


Yiota said...

Happy Anniversary!
I LOVE the card and her words are brilliant!

warriormom said...

Continued Happy Anniversary to you! You guys were/still are so very cute. I think pie is a great sub. for supper...you have dear friends indeed.

Randi Sue said...


mommazim said...

So fun to see the wedding pics, you still look like a young girl with love in her eyes, but your man has definitely become a MAN in love. Happy, Happy 25th.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Happy Anniversary, and many, many, many more!!!

Bunny Wilson said...

Oh, I hope you have had the most wonderful anniversary! I so enjoy your blog and our virtual friendship. Reading of your family and faith gets me through tough days at times. That, plus our mutual love of big dogs - well, that just puts you at the top of my list. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Wow! What FUN to "see you" all here - all together in one place :) It's like a little virtual anniversary party :) Thank you all so much for stopping in here, sharing your tho'ts & for the well wishes!

Smiling - because you were here :)