Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Empty Nest

I woke up in an empty nest this morning :\ Our girls flew out early this morning for Haiti with 17 others. Both stepped out boldy in faith when they signed up for this. They've been excited for this trip but when the time finally arrived to actually go and do all the things God has planned for them - well, I'll just say that at 2:30 AM this morning they didn't look all that brave & bold - but rather a bit tentative. -But both did board the bus! And I gather they were fine once they got moving.  I have some idea of how very much God values/looks for/requires(!) faith -  and considering the faith that's being required of them as we speak, I trust He will honor that....not to mention the measure I had to muster in order to let them go! ;)  That's gotta count for somethin' too ;) 

What law is it that says "Just when you're leaving to go on a trip, what can go wrong, will!"? Playmaker had been quite sick a few days before - and yesterday her ears & sinuses were bothering her. If you've ever had ear/sinus issues on a plane before, you know it's no picnic. It can be excruciating. I rank the pain level right up there with childbirth. Sooo we made a last minute visit to the doctor who stocked her up on medicine just in case she needs it.  And - as if that weren't enough....when she got thru' security, her shoe broke! Big time.  They were encouraged to bring old shoes - but I had no idea I was sending her with shoes that were about to fall apart!  Thankfully, at the last minute, we had wound some gorilla tape around Strike's water bottle (a trick we learned in St. John when a good Samaritan there cut some off his water bottle and gave it to me to use as a bandage after I stepped on a sea urchin...ouch!! -- and it worked beautifully!). In Playmaker's case it served well as emergency shoe repair!! ....Wheeeew......Crisis averted!

Strike was a bit nervous about this trip all along. She really wanted to go but was just nervous about it. She did well tho' -- we had plenty of last minute errands to keep us busy yesterday which was a good thing - tho' she did manage to  squeeze in painting her fingernails the brightest neon yellow you ever saw just before she left the house. At least the team will know what to look for if they're lookin' for her!  

Something tells me that this is going to be quite a growing experience for them both --- & that when they return, they're not going to ever be quite the same.  Hopefully tho' that is because as The LORD works in and thru' them these next 10 days, they will inevitably become more like Christ.  I gather the home they are staying in is nice - but that the worksite is quite primitive...esp in terms of "facilities". By that I mean that a Home Depot bucket may be what they use for a toilet there. Truth be told, I think that was among Strike's biggest trip related fears. When we sent out a prayer request via email to our church family recently I joked with the girls about asking them to pray that Strike could pee in a bucket! ... But I didn't ;)  But I'll ask you who are reading to keep them in your prayers as the Holy Spirit leads you - and if you sense He's leading  you to pray that Strike can pee in a bucket -- well ... at least you'll have some insight as to why! :)  ... Actually, I'm hoping/praying that won't be necessary. 
I'm so glad they're together - but I'm already anxiously awaiting the day when we are all together in one place again - just the way I like us :) 

Hmmm .... funny thing!   Coincidence?? - I don't believe so. As I was just finishing up this post, my dear friend e-mailed me and shared this oh so-o timely quote:

"There are two special gifts that we should give our children: 
one is roots, the other is wings."


Yiota said...

I can't wait to hear more when they return. Wnat an experience!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Yiota. I'm anxious to hear more too. i do know they arrived safe :) Thanks for stoppin' in here today. So good to "see you" :)

Bunny Wilson said...

If this isn't the perfect place in your life for this I don't know what would be: Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. (NLT translation of Prov 22:6)

I love love love love love that you have such a heart for the Lord - enough of a heart to make sure your precious daughters get it. You know, it's by example that our kids find Him more than any other way. I work with a bunch of little girls...a gaggle of girls? a pod of girls? a HERD of girls??...oops - there went my brain doing what it does best. AHEM - I work with little girls each Wed night whose parents don't give two cents about Christ. The kids only come on Wed so as hard as we all work with them they never seem to "get it" like kids from homes where parents understand.

Praying for your empty nest to be filled with calm assurance until they return! Remember this verse in regard to their safe journey: The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.

I'm with Yiota (whose name I LURVE!!) I can't wait to hear more.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Bunny! Thank you so much for your note, encouragement - and for your prayers! Keep working w/ that gaggle of girls! .... I hafta think that God is using you/your ministry to impact them more than you realize. Hugs!