Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun in Sand & Sun

Just some pics here from our weekend in Maine. Strike played in softball tourney - & we had some time to savor some fun in the sand & sun :)

Playmaker Playing Peek-a-boo Under the Pier

"Scratch That Tat" ...
off the summer to-do list.
Playmaker got her wish come true - a henna tattoo

& Strike got one too.
If you've ever seen them done, you know that the black "ink" dries & falls off, leaving a brownish/orange temporary tatoo that lasts a few weeks.

Dinner at the Diner

The only things missing here are poodle skirts & saddle shoes :)

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!


warriormom said...

looks like a great time!! and a pretty good father's day.

Yiota said...

So much fun! We haven't managed to go to the beach yet; my son can't wait.