Monday, June 21, 2010

24 years & counting (backwards)

24 - yrs ago today I married my best friend

22 - Age of my husband when we tied the knot & the age of Spokes (our oldest) now

20 - My husband's age when we met.

19 - How old I was when Spokes (our oldest) was born

18 - How old I was when we got married

16 - How old Playmaker is now

15 - How old I was when we met (tho' I was almost 16)

13 - How old Strike is now

10 - Number of cars we've owned

9 - Longest number of yrs we've ever lived in the same home

6 - Number of jobs my husband has had since we've been married

5 - Number of homes we've lived in .... owned 4 /rented 1

4 - Number of children we've had & number of states we've lived in

1 - Number of people I will ever love as I have loved the man I married 24 years ago.... today.


GlassMelts said...

It's so amazing how the time has flown by. Congratulations!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Best wishes for many, many more happy years together!

Yiota said...

Happy Anniversary!