Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Friday :)

The girls & I rarely all go shopping together so yesterday I celebrated the second day of summer by taking them shopping for some new make-up & summer clothes, etc. They're growing up so fast but I still LOVE to shop for clothes for them & do their hair, etc.

It's Friday! Hoo-rah:) Srike is goin' to the beach w/ a friend. Playmaker & I are goin' shopping again - as she could still use a couple pairs of shorts for the summer.

My deep cleaning frenzy is history. - WHEW! I went thru' closets, drawers, the laundry room, shelves - & gave away SO MUCH STUFF (books/videos/games, etc.) Here's a secret for clearing things out quickly.....The word "FREE" when placed in front of STUFF has magical (magnetic?) properties & things just disappear :) Anyhow, I'm pleased to report that my laundry room is respectable again & my house is in much better order overall - & it feels SO good. I do have a BIG load to take to the Salvation Army still -- mb I'll get to that today. And there's a ton of ironing to do. I'll probably pop in a DVD to watch while I work on that.

I'm looking forward to a weekend full of softball, sun & sand - & hopefully some seafood(!) ... as Strike has a softball tourney near the beach & it looks like the weather will be ideal for all of the above :)

I haven't posted a "Funny Friday" in a while but Bunny has the perfect fit for that over at her place so I'll give you the option to have some fun before you leave here by clicking over THERE. The choice is yours :)


MommaSkye said...

Sounds like your having a great start to your summer!!
Things with the word FREE on them have a magnetic way of finding homes in my house...especially kitties!!

Randi Sue said...

I am in a cleaning frenzy right now. I has to do with ending one school year and preparing for the next.

Also, Grace is having a sleepover birthday party, soon.

We ended our baseball tournaments last weekend. They were fun, but hot! 98 degrees!