Friday, June 4, 2010

Playmaker's Works of He'ART'

We've moved around quite a bit and each time we prepare our house to "show & sell" it feels more like a museum & less like home. Stressful! But recently (tho' we don't plan on moving anytime soon) our home has begun to feel more like an art gallery ... & I love it!

Playmaker made this close up canvas painting of a butterfly wing in art class. It found a home above her piano in our family room. Seems appropriate given how at times she struggles w/ her music lessons & yet right before my very eyes (& ears!) an amazing & beautiful transformation is taking place.

She also painted & gave me this sunflower for my birthday.
I found the perfect spot for it too - a place that needed EvErYtHiNg it has to offer.


Remember this (Time Flies) ?

As it turned out, it's the perfect piece to place above the simple time machine
we installed a while back...

One glance & this thing hurls us to memorable moments back it time until we focus on the more recent pic in the center - which then brings us right back to here & now so we don't miss anything we wouldn't want to forget. Sometimes it can be quite a ride ... on a rather emotional roller coaster.

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Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I love the butterfly closeup!

And that is a perfect addition to your time machine. I love that you call it that!