Friday, November 6, 2009

Beautiful Mystery

Beautiful Mystery
Caedmon's Call - Back Home Album

I tried to know
Every mystery
Soon realized, no
It was too much for me
'Cause most things true
Are simple and complex
So it is with You
What else should I expect

You suffer the seeker
In You they abide

You are to me
A beautiful mystery
You are to me
A Servant and a King
You're a beautiful mystery

You're like the water
I can feel but not grasp
Still You say all I've gotta do
Is seek and knock and ask

You are to the river
What hems it in and sets it free

The truth is a river
Where the strong can swim down deep
The weak and the broken
Can walk across so easily

Yesterday I opened my Bible to Ecclesiastes after reading a thought provoking post over here & as I did, phrases/verses jumped out from all over the pages. When I read my Bible I try to journal things that "struck & stuck" but yesterday it was hard to keep up! One thing, among others, tho' that did stick w/me was this:

When I applied my mind to know wisdom and to observe man’s labor on earth– his eyes not seeing sleep day or night – then I saw all that God has done. No one can comprehend what goes on under the sun. Despite all his efforts to search it out, man cannot discover it’s meaning. Even if a wise man claims he knows, he cannot really comprehend it.
Ecclesiastes 8:16 & 17

I found this to be encouraging - which might seem strange - but a few years ago I dove deep(!) in a desperate attempt to know God better & to find the answers to the really big questions of life. I was at my lowest point ever & reeling from the most difficult life circumstances I'd ever been dealt. A friend encouraged me w/ this verse:

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. - James 4:8

... & I attempted to do just that.

I opened God's Word & I prayed that He would open the eyes of my heart & make Himself real to me.

Indeed I did experience something so real that allowed so much to make more sense to me - & I journaled fast & furiously at times thru' it - yet I certainly could not comprehend it … nor could I ever seem to wrap words around it to adequately explain to anyone else what I was beginning to better understand (tho' this blog has been a good place to attempt to do that at times).

...Evenso - the more I think I understand…the more questions I have! So – this passage just seemed to confirm that – that’s normal (Hence why I found it to be encouraging) - And I'd go so far as to say that I believe that's exactly the way God intended it be.

It's ironic - that after all I've studied, learned & pondered, that verse my friend shared w/ me back at the "beginning" ...

Draw near to God and He will draw draw to you. - James 4:8

...summarizes concisely all that I've learned since then! Everything God has ever said ...or made... or done - seems to whisper (& shout!)...


Note: The "poem" above is actually lyrics to one of my very favorite songs - one I sense God gave to me back then to help me understand, right from the start, that "in the end" I would not have all the answers I was looking for - but that "simply" by pursuing the answers to the really big questions of life....... I'd end up knowing Him - much better.

The lyrics are beautiful in & of themselves but they're even moreso when accompanied by their music. Click on the album & then on the play button that appears at the upper right hand of the screen if your interested.


Randi Sue said...

I have have similar experiences with God. The song and your explanation come close to putting the experience into words.

I am so grateful for the joy that God brings through our relationship with him.

I am going to listen to the song now. It may be my new

Scattering Lupines said...

"You're like the water
I can feel but not grasp..."

I love those lines. I think it's the MYSTERY that keeps me seeking the Lord. And, of course, the fact that I would get into WAY too much trouble without Him :)