Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the way

A couple quotes that struck & stuck:

You don't choose a life, Dad. You live one.  


Our children are the best and worst of us.

The Way is a metaphor of sorts, I think, for the journey thru' life.  Unique. Different in every case. So personal. Especially so for anyone who has ever been convinced (or perhaps convicted is a better word here) that there is more to this life than to eat, drink and be merry. Some think everyone has to find their own way. I believe there is only one Way - tho' it seems each personal testimony that tells of the journey that led one to find that critical crossroad (Cross really being the keyword here) and  to then faithfully attempt to figure out where to go from here is unique. So different. So personal. I hafta think that's because while one may not choose a life, we each live life one personal choice at a time.

The Way catered to my bent for adventure & wanderlust - and while I tried to figure out which main character I related to most closely, I ended up finding a little bit of myself in each of them instead.

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