Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

 Posting a few pics peeks here.

My husband took the day off. I let him sleep in late but he still got up in time to take the girls to school. 

  Treat bags for the girls


To:  Mommy & Daddy
 From: Playmaker


Breakfast for two 


A li'l somethin' to warm up from the inside out.


From: My Dearest Friend

 we picked out and purchased seeds to plant 


went out for lunch


shared an indoor/take-out picnic by the fireplace


watched a movie 


See a theme here? :)


From: Playmaker 
 To: her valentine.


 in order for him to find this... 

 he had to follow a trail of

  candy sweethearts 

riddled with clues & directions.

In the end it was well worth the effort.

The chest was loaded! 

(Godiva gems, Hershey's nuggets, coin candy,

Payday candy bar, chocolate covered fortune cookies, ring pop,

 leather journal, etc.)

The chest itself is intended to last looong

 after the perishable 

loot it currently contains is gone


to serve as 

a place to collect

 keepsakes and other items of sentimental value 

in hopes that one day 

it will be  

a rich resource


personal wealth.




Playmaker's Valentine ...

picked out the perfect piece of apparel 

 and packaged it with a Piano Guys CD.

 He's certainly 

in tune 

with what she likes



In one of her classes at school

 Cupid (seriously!)  

delivered some pretty petals

to Strike 
from a (boy) friend (key word here). 


Not sure how I feel about that.


it was certainly a 

bright spot 

in her 





 No-o, we didn't forget about Big Mak. 

 How could we?! 

 He is such a BIG part of our lives ...


we 'WOOF!' him too :) 

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