Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time Flies

For Mother's Day Playmaker gave me the transformation (below) she made for an art project at school. Only after my intitial thoughts of how "timely" such a unique gift was given how my kiddos are growing up right before my eyes (Spokes graduates this month, Playmaker just got her permit & Strike is officially a teenager now!), did I find a note she'd written explaining how she thought it seemed appropriate for a house full of kids who are growing up fast. Hmmm - who knew I had such a good eye for interpreting fine art?! One aspect I didn't manage to capture very well in the photos is the fact that it's compiled/drawn/comprised totally of the teeniest of tiniest little dots -- all done by hand and in ink. The dots remind me of seconds on the clock -- tick-tocking away. One by one.... I was so thrilled to receive this work of art - but the more time I spend thinking about it, the sadder I get (talk about transforming)! Yikes! ... please excuse me while I go spend some precious time w/ the artist!

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GlassMelts said...

There is an artist I know (Sienna Morris) who does all of her art with numbers. http://www.siennamorris.com/ You guys should check it out. It's very similar to the pointillism that A. is doing, but with numbers. She calls it Numberism.