Monday, May 10, 2010

A "charming" gift

Strike's aunt & uncle gave her money to pick out a piece of jewelry that she reeeaaally liked for her 13th birthday. The fact that she got to pick out exactly what she wanted made it a very personal gift & extra special too - as we rarely shop at fine jewelry stores & she had fun doing that. She picked out a Chamilia Bracelet & thanks to a procrastinating mother who finally took her shopping - and a timely Mother's Day sale, she was able to stretch her dollar in terms of the first charms she chose from oodles of options.

She has long loved Eeyore! They say opposites attract :)
She's found her niche as a softball pitcher , hence her nickname, "Strike" - as it's what we love to hear the ump bellow over & over again. We never tire of hearing it! In fact, if we don't hear it much we start to get a little concerned!

Smile! This one was perfect as it captured her passion AND her birthstone :)

The same aunt & uncle gave Strike's big sister a similar bracelet for her 13th bday - so I'll hafta keep my eyes open for another sale bc if this spotted fellow....

...were given a special spot on each one, I think he'd do a fine job jogging our memories now & then of people we met, things we saw & places we visited during our recent trip to Senegal, Africa - a trip from which we all returned slightly different. Not quite the same. Forever changed such a way that I hope they (we!) never forget.

Hmmm....Since this is a gift designed to keep on giving, I can't help but wonder how it will morph to accommodate what her future has in store. No doubt it packs the potential to illustrate what only time will tell - in a most charming fashion & w/ a style all her own.

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Yiota said...

I like personalised gifts and Strike seems to have chosen well.
I often wonder what the future will bring to my little boy and how he will turn out to be.
Take care!