Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend & Summer To Do List

I love Memorial Day weekend. Everyone's yards looks so nice all at the same time. People seem to be in an extra good mood - extra friendly - as they're finally enjoying some much needed rest & relaxation. I love all the red, white & blue flags that pop up all over neighborhoods & towns. And I love that Memorial Day is a time to reflect & shift our focus from all the blessings we enjoy here in America to the sacrifice that others have made in order that we might enjoy them. Today is as close to perfect as it gets here. The sun is shining but it's breezy so it's not too hot or too humid & the mosquitoes aren't out yet :) Flowers are blooming all over the place. We here in New England are SO ready for summer vacation by this time!

Memorial Day weekend is the kind of the unofficial summer kick-off and this just may be Playmaker's (16yrs) last summer to be footloose and fancy free & not needing to work or be tied down w/ other responsibilities. I think she senses that too & perhaps that's what prompted her to make the following summer "To Do List". Her original was handwritten w/ little cartoon illustrations :) - I'm just publishing it here "for the record" w/ her permission & I can't help but wonder how many things she'll have crossed off three months from now. Time will tell.

make homemade ice cream
make a painting on canvas
huge slip n slide w/ a tarp & bubbles!
sleep under the stars
waterballoon slingshot
boogieboard in the ocean
jump off a rope or cliff into water
throw a bottled letter in the ocean
dance in the rain
walk in a thunderstorm
do something completely spontaneous
read 5 books
cook food over an open fire
make a new friend
make a new drawing every week
write a short story
really want to go horseback riding!!!!
tie dye
not go to the movies once!
get a temporary tattoo
climb a tree
swim at nighttime
flashlight tag or manhunt
get ice cream from the ice cream man
feed ducks
write a letter
surprise someone w/ a gift
drive to the beach (her/Playmaker driving)
fly a kite
sidewalk mural w/ chalk
dance w/ David
skip stones
make homemade popsicles
watch the sun rise & set
get a blanket and watch the clouds go by
go to the Boston Aquarium
do something I've never done before
try a new food
swing on a swing set
wish on a shooting star
stay up all night talking to David
make a time capsule


Yiota said...

What a fun list! I hope she does every single item in it...

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

That's a GREAT list!