Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No doubt this is tacky, but....

I stumbled upon this nifty corkboard the other day & placed it above the kitchen sink figuring it packed potential to provide another new/fun/different & hopefully interactive way for our family to communicate (can't have too many of those when you have a tween, a teen & college student - right?!) here at Grand Central Station (aka: home) headquarters (aka: the kitchen).

It may be tacky, but ....

it's the perfect place to put:

* recipes while I'm cooking - I can be soooo sloppy!

* permission slips/paperwork for the kids to remember - could save me a rushed trip to the school!

* lunch $

* Scripture I want to memorize - or I want my kiddos to memorize :)

* Timely (key word here) words of wisdom - I've got a million of 'em :)

* Appointment reminders

* Grocery List

* Things to do TODAY

* ...or better yet..."Things I DID DO Today"- Hubby will be SO impressed :)

* Things I want to remember....Don't forget:______, _______ & ______ !

* Things I want to forget - nooo...If I list
them, that'll just make it MORE difficult!

* Notes from Daddy - who often leaves AND comes home - when it's dark

* Jokes & cartoons - we're addicted to fun around here :)

* Chore Lists - they're
not going to like that one!...oh well, such is life!

* Interesting info/article clippings, etc. (....or maybe that's just TMI!?)

* Coupons - A penny saved is a penny earned

* Phone messages - scratch that.....we canceled our land line & they all have their own cell phones now.

oooooooh - I just thought of another one. Playmaker just texted me that she got an "A-" on her research paper! Hoooorrraaay!! That's HEADLINE NEWS here at Grand Central Station! Signing off....to go post "CONGRATULATIONS!" for all to see :)


Scattering Lupines said...

I love the idea! Not tacky at all! very personal touch. I love corkboards and have them EVERYWHERE! The only trick for me is remembering to clean them off from time-to-time. They get overloaded QUICKLY with just myself and Hubs, so i am sure it will in your Zoo... I mean, house :) :) :)

(I can't wait to have my own zoo someday! I tell Husband I want at least four because I love the energy and chaos!)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Great idea! Notes,reminders, etc can only work when they can be seen, and that's a perfect place for the family to see them.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Great Idea...Love it.....

I'll be back to visit again soon....


MyStory of HiStory said...

Thanks ladies....Yah - functional isn't always fashionable in the trendy sort of way...but it never goes out of style :)

I got to thinking --- someone more clever than I would've likely covered it in some pretty material to dress it up a bit, which I may do.... eventually.

Scattering Lupines said...

wow! I LOVE those wine bottle serving tray! Should I send my wine bottles to her? She should put some prices on her website :)

I REALLY like her stuff!

warriormom said...

great idea! I "sort of" have something like that...I've tucked all sorts of things into my glass kitchen cabinet doors - tucked under the frames....i think the corkboard is much neater!