Saturday, December 14, 2013

preparing rooms and preparing Him room

Posted on fb at the beginning of Advent

Over the long weekend we were busy restoring order to rooms in our home that had pretty much been turned upside down as our teenage daughter moved out of one bedroom and into another and even as we tried to maintain order in the rest of the house. And we did it! Even managed to put up a few Christmas decorations as well. In just the nick of time for Advent we transformed our home from a bit cluttered & chaotic into more peaceful and pretty. Evenso, I still woke yesterday to the startling realization that it was already here! Advent! Somehow I seemed to think we had a bit more time to prepare. Nonetheless I was grateful for what we’d already done toward that end, tho’ still felt rushed into it all and perhaps a bit guilty for being so wrapped up in organizing and decorating. But with it being the first day of Advent, at some point I picked up “The Greatest Gift” and read the first chapters in which Ann Voskamp took me a-l-l the w-a-a -y back to “In the beginning … “ – to words from the very first chapter of recorded HIStory in Genesis. And I pondered ... that here & now I was, thousands of years later, feebly attempting to restore into my little corner of the world some semblance of the initial order that God so beautifully wove into and throughout creation with PeRfECt precision, pattern and purpose - and I felt a little better about the organizing and decorating we'd done recently. I guess I figured then that we must be doing something right, since that’s essentially what I get the impression God took great pleasure in doing in the beginning too ; )

Anyhow - now I'm attempting to shift my focus from “preparing rooms” to preparing Him room.

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