Monday, November 7, 2011



Outside my window...there's still snow on the ground but it's supposed to warm up to near 70 later this week! :) 

I am thinking...about how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  Really enjoyed keeping it small and quiet and simple last year. 

I am thankful...that I can still be a stay at home mom while my girls are teens. Just so grateful. 

From the learning rooms...I learned what a murmuration is this past week. So cool! Beautiful. Amazing! If you're curious click HERE.

In the kitchen...After the grease fire I decided to paint the cabinets a different color - but I haven't done that yet. Really want to get that done but don't really want to do it. Know what I mean? 

I am wearing...a black fleece CuddlDud shirt w/ blue jeans. I discovered  CuddlDuds Fleecewear with Stretch  just recently and I have a full set now. So soft. So cozy. So warm. SOooo comfy! If only they never needed to be washed! 

I am creating...In my mind I'm creating a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Perhaps something like this:


this one on the right: 

I am shop for boots with my daughter. FUN! 

I am wondering...if I will really follow through with my plan to get up early ... as in around 4:00 AM while my husband is working a different schedule for a while. I love the early morning. Just don't like getting out of bed ;)

I am reading...still reading In His Image. Learning so much. It's reeaally good.  Very interesting. Co-written by a surgeon and a pastor.

I am hoping...that if/when my husband goes to Taiwan next year,  I might be able to join him there for a bit. 

I am looking forward to... Thanksgiving. To making it an extra special time. To setting the table. To getting up early and preparing the feast with my husband. To watching the Macy's parade. 

I am hearing...almost nothing. Love the sound of silence once in a while.

Around the house... there are leaves to be raked. 

I am pondering...Just when it was that my baby girl turned into a beautiful young lady...

Sissy helping Strike get ready for her first dance / Homecoming

Silly girl. She looooves to have fun! :)  

One of my favorite things...see what I'm wearing... above :) 


SavedbyGrace said...

Visiting from The simple woman's daybook. Loved your post. Thank you for sharing what you have learned. that video of the mumuration was amazing. it brought tears to my eyes!!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi. So glad you enjoyed your visit here! Yes - Amazing --- I tho't so too! :) Thank you for stopping in.

vonildawrites said...

What beautiful girls! I know they will be so glad to have had you at home during this tender time in their lives.