Thursday, November 10, 2011

a novel staircase

I love this concept! Clever. :)

and here's another practical idea as well..


Randi Sue said...

Wouldn't those be nifty. I have not been blogging lately, but may be getting back into it. My little girls are getting some attention on You tube and I may start a blog about them and our music journey. If you want to keep up, the youtube channel is ukulelemandi.

mommazim said...

I have seen that kind of bookcase before and loved it then. I have always wondered what that would look like in my kitchen...I would then be able to reach my cupboards!!! Love the drawer in the step, wish I would of seen that before we re-did ours.

warriormom said...

I adore the novel staircase, but the shoe drawer/step....simply AMAZING!!!