Thursday, November 17, 2011

my first quilt

I did it! I FiNallY made my very first quilt!  Actually it's my husband's. I gave it to him. I'm sew proud of myself :)  - Just wish it hadn't taken me sew long to finish it. I started it way back in 2009 with a friend who coached me thru' much of the process. I was seeeew close to being done when I put it away to revisit another day. I finally pulled it out again just the other day and determined to finish it this time around.  I have a history of starting projects and not finishing them sew, for me, this is a big deal :) 

I used 7" blocks,
 appliqued the circles & half circles by hand sewing them on 
  and it measures aprx 54" x 69".

Hubby and I test drove it last night. We snuggled under it while watching TV and I'm pleased to report that it did exactly what it was supposed to do ...  - kept us cozy and warm and looked pretty while doing it :)

I gather from this project that sewing is much like life. 
You can learn a lot from your mistakes
and - well, I'll just say ...
I learned sew much! ;)  


it was sew much fun that
I'm already planning my next one.


warriormom said...

Hooray!!! Such a sense of accomplishment to finish something. Did you end up hand quilting or machine or tying through? I love the colors and geometric design.

warriormom said...

oops, I'm a tad blind, Schuyler says you tied it. Very nice!!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Yah...I tied it/ took the easy way out :) I'm still rather intimidated by the actual quilting part of the process.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

It's beautiful! I love your color choices and placement. Well done, my friend! There's nothing like a gift from the heart...and hands :)

You must have caught "the bug", now that you've got more quilts planned.

mommazim said...

1. I can't believe you put that quilt away so long ago when you were so close to finishing-that is something I am supposed to do!
2. When I first re(a)d about the color combo, I was perplexed on how the teal would fit in, but I have to say, it goes so well together.
3. BRAVO, WELL DONE, can't wait to see the next one!!!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi ladies! Thanks...You all are "sew" encouraging to this beginner!

yah, Farmgal, I guess you could say, I caught the bug. I already went and picked out fabrics for the next one. I loooove the picking out the fabric part!...about the only part I don't really like is the mess in my house ... fabrics hanging over the banister waiting to be ironed, notions and such on a sewing table front & center when you walk in my door...etc. but it sure is a lot less boring around here than when my house was more tidy :)

ok Mommazim...I made my first it's time for you to make your first blog! :) lol