Monday, August 30, 2010

Strike's First Day of (Public!) School

Yep! Strike (8th grade) is GOING to school! -- as opposed to staying home to school as she's done ever since Kindergarten. In all honesty it was a rather last minute & quick decision. By that I mean that up until the last minute (about a week ago!) I was still planning to homeschool her for one more year. --- It was more or less on a whim that we decided to finally check out the local charter school we drive by almost daily. It's just around the corner in a renovated old mill building & goes from grade 7 - 12. Class sizes average about 15 students. Wednesdays are half days. After talking with students who attend there & touring the campus, Strike just knew she really wanted to give this place a try. It's something new - & different. Something she feels really ready for (which is actually reassuring to me bc it means I must have done something right :). It's project oriented and I really like that the school emphasizes mastery ... meaning that students are given chances to revise work for more learning & a higher grade. Strike is such a social butterfly. Interaction energizes her & the freedom to be creative challenges her so this should be really good for her.
Today was her first day. She looked so grown up when I went to pick her up & saw her from a distance in the midst of the other kids pouring out at the end of the school day. I enjoyed hearing the stories from her day and about the new friend she made - and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she thinks English is going to be her favorite class(!)... because when I was her teacher, that was her least favorite subject.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Wow, things do happen quickly! I'm sure she'll have a positive experience, considering the skills you've given her over the years regarding research, study, and appreciation of knowledge.

Happy school year to all!

warriormom said...

Wow!! What changes are happening!! Strike has just blossomed over this past year. You must be a very proud momma of your amazing kids. You and your hubby have done/are doing such a great job!!

Mug said...

Oh my goodness! The charter school sounds wonderful! I agree with Strike! She will be fine! ...And I'm thinking the other students will benefit from having her to interact with!:)