Thursday, August 5, 2010

Riding off into the sunset

My husband & I have been watching these nesting birds from a spot on the bike trail we've been riding recently. We can see the nest clearly but from quite a distance. At first I tho't the birds were Bald Eagles but now I'm not so sure ... maybe they are a different type of an eagle? - or some sort of a hawk? Not sure - but I sure do enjoy watching them. They are nested in a dead tree out in the middle of a big swamp.... I love the sounds & sights to be seen there when one lingers long enough to look closely - & that this happy couple is perched in plain sight yet out of harm's way. The other night we lingered there longer than usual which also afforded us front row seats from which to view this spectacular sunset.


warriormom said...

I'm hazarding a guess they're Osprey. Hard to tell. Where are you biking?

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Yes, they could be Osprey. Many places have erected these posts for them, since their numbers were on the decline. They prefer marshy areas, food the shelter and the food.

Great photos! How's the path?

troutbirder said...

Definitely an Osprey. Hawk size about 2/3 of an eagle. White on head easty to confuse from a distance. Which brings me to the sidebar picture on my blog. Also an Osprey sent to me by my brother in Montana. I was looing for a handle for my blog and when I saw that picture it came to me... Troutbirder. :)

MyStory of HiStory said...

Ahhh... thanks much to all of you :)

Warriormom, I figured you might have an idea.

Farmgal - your description of their habitit certainly fits here. The path is really nice - paved - & as a bonus, where we begin there's a Chinese food restaurant & an ice cream place nearby so it makes for a nice date w/ my husband :)

Troutbirder ... ahhh - so THAT's where that pic came from. Talk about being at the right place at the right time....what a great shot that is :)

Randi Sue said...

We have ospreys that live across the street at the ball field. They only eat fish.

Anonymous said...
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