Monday, March 29, 2010


We did it! We managed to pull off a surprise 13th birthday party at home(!) for Strike...tho' it certainly helped that we celebrated a week early - when she was least expecting it :)  I took her shopping so her sister could decorate the house, make a cake & get things in order for the guests to arrive at 6:00 PM and for us to arrive shortly after that. All went according to plan...without a hitch! We stopped on the way home to pick up a pizza  & walked into the dark house to a  flashing camera - & after a slight awkward delay...a shout of "SURPRISE!" as friends & family popped out all over the place :) She was sooooo surprised! She had no idea whatsoever what she was walking into. We had dinner, played BINGO (w/ lots of silly prizes at stake) & later the kids played the WII & her girlfriends slept overnight.
Playmaker made her cake ... I think Spokes may  have helped as well.
Fun, fUn, FUN :)


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

How cool that Playmaker and Spokes took care of the homefront - sounds like it worked out great!
Happy Birthday Strike!

Susan said...

How fun and what a pretty girl!

Yiota said...

Happy Birthday Strike!

she looks so happy!
love the cake!

MommaSkye said...

Happy Birthday Strike!
What a great cake! Great you guys could pull it off with no problems, sounds like it was fun!