Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow Day!

I woke my girls up early this April Fools morning to tell them it was a snow day -- And the best part was .... it's no joke! Don't get me wrong. I'm not thrilled about having a snowstorm in April - but the silver lining on the storm cloud above us is that our family gets to enjoy an unplanned long weekend together. Even Daddy called in to take the day off.

I snapped a pic of our fence.  It's an optical illusion of sorts. When I looked out, at first figured I was looking thru' the fence to our neighbors hill on the other side ... but - in reality, the snow is so heavy that it has actually filled the in the chain links.  Really strange. I don't ever remember seeing this phenomenon before.


Mug said...

Oh, WoW! That IS neat!
Must be very icy snow to stick together like that. Ha! I talk as if I know all about snow, do I not?!:)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Wow! We saw flakes falling, but it never stuck. (It rained most of the day.)

I love the effect on your fence! Enjoy it, 'cause it won't be back for quite a while :)

warriormom said...

Wow! The fence picture sure had me fooled!