Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just posting a photo recap here of Playmaker's 17th Birthday :)

What fun we had celebrating!  

Started the day off w/ a few little presents for her to open first thing in the morning..

cosmetics,  gum &


International French Vanilla Cafe

which us girls enjoyed together

once the princess fiiinnnnaaaallly woke up! :) 

Sissy worked hard trying to make a very special/delicate cake that the birthday girl had requested ...

but unfortunately ... it totally flopped :(

Tho' you wouldn't know it judging by the final product :)

See that middle layer?? 

THAT was supposed to be a light/fluffy cake that could be cut into THREE layers! 

I think the error occurred somewhere in the whipping & folding in of the eggs. 

Oh well...

when all else fails, 


That's what we did!

We just made another cake (chocolate box mix).

Cut it in half

& sandwiched the first one in between the layers 

before adding the final/personal touch!

That being a miniature "Tangled" doll 

(it's one of Princess Playmaker's faVoRite movies!)

  - and -

 in the end

all was good!

Quite tasty actually

 & super cute :) 

The next day we continued the celebration by taking the train into Boston

to see none other than

We've long been wanting to see this show for ourselves
and so decided to combine our ongoing 25th Anniversary Celebration
with Playmaker's B-day and take the whole family & Playmaker's boyfriend. 

Playmaker had been SOOOO excited for this day!!

We had seats in the Pancho section ... & I, for one, was grateful for mine!  

What a riot!

For a sneak peak at this very high energy show,
 check this out: 

Playmaker was so touched by one Blue Man in particular..

that in the end 

when all was said & done

she was left feeling  ...

- well - 

r--a--t--h--e--r .... 

blue ;-) 


warriormom said...

Looks like a great time! Hubby and kids went to Blue Man for a field trip MANY years ago and loved it. Great rescue on the cake. It looks amazing and made with so much love. (eggs are such pesky things...the weather even has to be just right!)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Sometimes the "unexpected" results are the best! The cake looks terrific. And with two different cake flavors - Yum :)

What a great celebration!