Monday, November 8, 2010

A sweet surprise

My husband & I  recently had dinner at Panera and on the way out we peeked at the sweet treats for sale. I must admit tho'...I lingered ....for much more than just a peek once I laid eyes a certain mountain of a muffin.

My husband must've noticed. Hopefully it was the way my eyes locked onto it - and not drool  - that gave him his first clue as to how I longed to be one w/ that mountain!  A few days later he stopped in again to pick up bread to go w/ our dinner & the next morning, after he'd left for work, low & behold - there IT was....or was I dreaming?! No - it was real - and it was sitting right there on OUR kitchen counter! As a token of his love, my husband had given me the mountain!..... All for one (ME!) and one for all (me AGAIN :)! ...and left other pastries for each of the girls too!

Thank you, honey - for making that ordinary day so special by starting it off w/ such a sweet surprise.

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