Friday, October 8, 2010

Her Mother's Hope & Her Daughter's Dream

"Every family is marked by the struggles of the generation before...."

A complex story by nature because it's about

More specifically,
it's about the unique relationships
mothers & daughters share.

From a daughter's (my) perspective:

"In the end" you are (or at least I was!) challenged to

 consider that,

well that....maybe you (I) don't know the whole story ...

the reason behind why your (my) mom always did "this"

or acted/reacted like "that"...

but perhaps,

no matter how unlikely it may seem,

 it was because

 she loved you (me)

dearly - 

tho' not perfectly...because she was human.

And she didn't know what else to do

 considering how 

her mother loved her

just as dearly -

tho' not perfectly .... because she was human too.

And so on

- and so on -

 back thru time and circumstances.


There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
I John 4:18

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
John 8:32


According to I Corinthians 13, Love always protects.


From a Mother's (my) perspective...

Whew...Convicting.  Because

"in the end" you are (or at least I was!) challenged to consider

how your (my) reactions & responses to circumstances

at such a time as this,

tho' soon to be history...


will no doubt





"Generations will reap what I sow.
I can pass on the curse or a blessing...
to those I will never know".

Excerpt from Generations by Sara Groves


Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Oh my. That is beautiful poetic prose! Smart, moving, simple, fluid.

I love Rivers. I will have to read these/this (2 books or 2 books in one?)

mom24boys said...

While I cannot relate to the whole mother-daughter relationships in the book (having lost my own mother so young), the big thing I took from these books is regarding 'secrets'. Especially as women we tend to stuff our baggage away and not talk about things. We need to be more open with our own families and talk about why we do things the way we do. Stop trying to carry so much weight on our shoulders and share our feelings. Share our brokenness with our family and others in order to also show the workings of Christ within us.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Lupine ... 2 seperate books. If you want to learn more about the stories you can click on the pictures - as they are links ... but - if you're like me, I prefer not knowing much before hand :) If/when you do read them, I hope you'll share your thoughts too!

Hey Mom24! Fun to see you here. ...I agree! Well said. I'm looking forward to our next book group meeting now :)
October 8, 2010 7:34 PM