Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook - Sept 20

I'm thinking...about how much I miss writing on my blog. I have the desire to write but can't really think of much to write about nor have I had much time to write these days.  

I'm thankful...for a quiet morning and for the harvest from our garden.  The garden is officially done. We closed it up even before the first frost. The peppers and eggplant might have continued producing but we have much more than enough of both and not enough ways to use them! :) 

In the kitchen...I spread a toasted wheat bagel w/ peanut butter and topped it w/ a slice of Honeycrisp apple for breakfast. And I'm gonna give this Chocolate-Zucchini Cake recipe a try later today. That should help to cozy up the place.

I'm wearing...A lambswool sweater & fleece slippers. That tells you a bit about what it's like outside my window.

I'm creating...A thank you gift for our friends who gave us the beauty-full gift of the garden. The sunflowers were beautiful at the garden this year so we're going with that theme :) 

I'm visit my brother and his family in Colorado soon! Yeah! Looking forward :) 

I'm wondering...If I'm gonna be able to hold off until October before donning my long johns?! It's getting really chilly - especially in the mornings. I just might be able to hold out since I'm heading out of town soon! :) 

I'm reading... Well -  I just bought two new books. 


Truman was on both my wish list and the bargain rack at the same time!  ... such a good deal for soooo many pages! :) 

I'm hoping... that someday soon both the desire and the inspiration to write will meet me in a quiet time and place and that somehow we will all collaborate on the childrens' book(s) I want to write.

Around the house... We've repainted/rearranged/redecorated three bedrooms and the downstairs family room. Now - so much stuff to get rid of! Working on that :) 

I'm pondering... how some early Christians became obsessed with legalism and others took their Christian freedom too far -and how I've found myself at both ends of the spectrum at different times. Pondering which is worse? And how does one achieve/maintain the "perfect balance?"

A favorite quote for today...‎"Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost 

One of my favorite things...

Honeycrisp Apples

A Picture from my day.  I was going to skip this but then I heard Mak chewing on something and found him chowing down on an eggplant that had rolled onto the floor ... Poor eggplant :/ Silly dog :)

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allisamazing said...

Love your pictures. Have a blessed week :)