Wednesday, June 6, 2012

something old - something new

Our church observes a special annual tradition. I gather it goes waay back, ceased for a time, but our Pastor reinstated it. I've never seen it done anywhere else. The first Sunday in June is set aside as Graduation Sunday - a special service geared to the high school grads - and interactive for them as well in the sense that they wear their grad garb, proceed down the aisle to the front, our pastor briefly interviews each one about their plans for the future before presenting them with a gift and having them sit in the front row. Pastor prepares a special message "just for them" (funny tho' how timely it always seems to be for me!) at such a time as this when they are planning their futures and making some big decisions.

This year we did something new/different as well. The graduates' Bibles were laid out on a table in the foyer for our church family to underline and sign verses/passages they had chosen to encourage each grad. They were invited to write a short note in the margin as well.  Participation was great! And each grad ended up with such a treasure in the end ... a beautiful gift (so much encouragement) from their church family wrapped within the covers of their very own Bibles! :) 

That same evening Playmaker took some time to re-bookmark all "her verses" nice/even/one color ... and she plans to do this all again if/when she gets married.

This could be such a meaningful/practical/timely way to encourage someone who is grieving or hospitalized/ill (if the family asked visitors to do the same), new baby/new parents, someone entering the armed forces or being deployed, or for a "mission commission" or a bridal/baby shower ... so many possibilities. 

I wish I had done this since our children were babies! ... underlined timely passages and written short dated messages in their Bibles right from the start and at special occasions and during tough times too - and invited others to do so as well. Whatta rich resource it could/would be now!


troutbirder said...

A great time of the year and time of their lives. Fond memories for me when our sons were in this stage... :)

GlassMelts said...

What a great idea with the bibles! Love it.