Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This beautiful bundle of baby girl turned 18 the other day!


I've only used a few words here since they cannot even begin to express how much I love and have enjoyed getting to know her since the day we met! ... and - well - even 9 months before that ! :) 


 Big Brother

Baby Doll


New Bike! 

The Littlest Princess


All I want for Christmas....

Remember this?! The Float-a-Boat contest?!  LOL

Wow ... all those years of piano lessons
 have sure paid off! :)


Growin' up! 

Awfully pretty for a hockey player :) 

At the park

Pretty sure this was at the beach
 the day before she started high school. 

Kayaking in Vermont 

Love this pic!

I got pretty good at multi tasking
 (watching and praying at the same time!) 
when she was playin' hockey with the big boys! 

Not sure if this car was made for her  
- or if she was made for this car.
All I know is that it matches
her beautiful eyes and it fits her perfectly! :) 

I hope she remembers this...

and I am so thankful that God entrusted her to us...
to teach and to take care of her
 I find it ironic
 that in that process, 
God has taught us & we have learned so much from and because of her! 
Funny - how that works.


Yiota said...

18? 18? Wasn't 16 or something the other day???
Happy (belated) birthday!
She's a good, considerate person, and you should be a proud mum for everything you've taught her.

troutbirder said...

Oh they grow up so fast. I remember that well..... :)